Iā€™m not particularly geeky nor am I part of any fandom. Can I still have a themed event?

Of course! Fan Fare has created menus honoring all kinds of other themes, such as a penchant for world travel or an fondness for pop divas. No theme is out of the question - frankly, I relish a challenge! We'll talk about your interests and passions at your consultation. 

How do I get this ball rolling?

Just fill out the contact form here! We'll set up a consultation to discuss ideas for your theme, the details of your event, and all the variables that get factored into your quote. Your consultation is $25, payable via PayPal (or other electronic method of your choice), which will be deducted from your total cost if you go ahead with booking! (There's no charge for quick introductory inquiries via phone or email.)

The big one: What are your rates?

That'll depends on many factors, all of which will be teased out in your consultation. To give you an idea, a full wedding buffet including appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts starts at $38 per person. A small cocktail party with hors d'oeuvres and light treats will be more like $24 per person. Nonprofits have a special rate and may have consult fee waived. Whatever your needs, let's chat!