All Fan Fare menus are designed anew for each unique event, but to get an idea of what you might be in for . . .

LoTR Brunch.png

Middle Earth Brunch

Breakfast: Frittata

Second Breakfast: Yogurt with Fixings

Elevenses: French Toast Sticks

Smorgasboard of the Rings: Meat and Cheese Selections

Something from the Shire: Crudite Platter

PoTayToes: Home Fries

Pull-Apart Lembas Bread Cake

Smeagol’s Bagels with Raw and Wriggling Smoked Salmon

Mount Doom Lava Cakes

Bloody Merry (and Pippin)


Buddy’s Holiday Jamboree

The Four Food Groups: Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn, Syrup

Leon: Snowman Cheese Ball

Deviled Arctic Puffin Eggs

Spaghetti with choice of Meat Sauce or Crumbled Pop Tarts, Maple, & Mini Marshmallows

Beef and Cheese Sliders served on a Throne of Lies

Mailroom Mushrooms in Whiskey Sauce


NYC Subway Railing Free Candy Gum (Homemade Taffy)

Doctor’s Office Cotton Candy Balls

World’s Best Cup of Coffee Panna Cotta


Rocky Horror Dinner Show

Thyme Warp Soup

FrankNfurters in (Tim) Curry

What’s on the Slab: Charcuterie plate



Magenta Dip (beet hummus)

Columbia Cookies (gilded glitter top hats)

Elbow Sex Macaroni Salad

Rocky Road Bars

Sweet Cransvestite from Cransexual Cransylvania Trifle