Fêtes Accompli: Past Events

A few examples of previous menus. We love all things geeky, of course, but themes aren't limited to fandoms alone!

Game of thrones Premiere

Featuring Jon's Snow Cones, Lord Baelish's Little Finger Sandwiches, and a massive Baked Alaska in the form of The Wall . . .  a.k.a. A Song of Ice Cream and Fire. Click on through to see some more pictures!

Britney Aspearagus.jpg

The Ladies Who BrunCH

Wedding brunch spread honoring the grooms' favorite pop divas and Hollywood icons, such as Britney's Spears Salad with Lady Gorgonzola, three different kinds of Qui¢ha, and Katie's Berry Parfaits.  



A childhood cancer survivor and her mom wanted to throw a party celebrating 20 years of being cancer-free, and asked me to design a very irreverent menu that laughs in the face of the disease. Thus my invention of Mammo-Grahams, Colonnolis, Devilled Ovaries, and more.