The Great GoT Rewatch

A couple of days ago, the following meme popped up in my (highly geeky, as you might expect) Facebook feed.


I did the math, and if the final season indeed comes out in April 2019 as is planned (best believe I will be throwing a premiere party), it checks out. There are, as it stands, 67 episodes of Game of Thrones to date. 

With the gift of 7 season's worth of hindsight, I decided I'm going to rewatch those 2 episodes per week and hey. while I'm at it, might as well share my droll observations with all y'all. Relive the blood! The sexposition! The surprise offings of all your favorites! The gore! The icy dead people! The snark of Tyrion! Come on, let's put the wince in twincest! Oh and did I mention . . . THE FOOD? 

I'll post every Wednesday, and if you want to make sure you never miss a weekly double-recap, just subscribe to my handy newsletter (see below). And spread the word - let's make this the ultimate communal geekout/Westerosi trauma processing support group.

Word of warning: to be clear, this is a REwatch, so will be lousy with spoilers right from the very beginning. If you're a new viewer, this 2-eps-per-week plan will totally bring you up to speed in time, but don't peek over here unless you want to know in advance that we left off with Robb Stark and Margaery Tyrell running away to Pentos together atop a hijacked dragon, okay?

#gotrewatch - make that hashtag trend!